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About Trauma Therapy

A person who has suffered a traumatic event may be able to benefit from a trauma-therapy session with Sylvia.

During these sessions, problematic beliefs are challenged and new synapses form in the brain. 

Trauma-focused therapy can help men and women, overcome fears around love, sex, relationships and general living (including PTSD).

Sylvia’s sessions will help you to find best possibly way to cope with your trauma now, and heal it over time.

Any form of trauma such as unresolved sexual trauma, abuse or ongoing physical or emotional violence require a professional specialised in that field.

Once you are ready to bring more pleasure back into your life my, my trauma therapy is suitable for you.

When a person experiences trauma, they experience a combination of sadness, grief, and fear (sometimes even guilt) – all common after a traumatic event.

However, the intensity and duration of these feelings often interferes with a person’s ability to live a normal life.

Benefits of Sylvia’s Trauma Therapy Perth

Maybe there is more to trauma than what we know, and this is what lead me to a never-ending journey of discovery.

People suffering from traumatic experiences must be aware of their triggers and understand their reactions, in order to grow from them.

This will enable them to avoid repeating the same experiences or situations, as well as live a normal life.

In addition, these sessions will help you develop coping skills that will help you deal with intense emotions, regardless of how hopeless you feel when they arise. This will help you overcome deep trauma and become a more confident, self-aware, and happy individual.

Identifying the reasons behind the traumatic event will help you to decide if therapy is the right course of action, which is why Sylvia offers a free consultation call to see if her therapy is for you.



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Sessions are held in person in Perth’s western suburbs (Western Australia) or via Zoom.


I am happy to work with you in English, German and Italian.


  • Certified Sexologist/Sex Coach
  • Holistic Counsellor

Other Courses

    • Certified Tantra Practitioner  – The National Institute of Tantra
    • Certified Tantra Teacher/Educator with The Australian School of Tantra
    • Imago Therapy and Sexuality – Dr. Tammy Nelson
    • The School of Erotic Mysteries – Professional Training in Conscious BDSM/Kink
    • SAR – Sexual Attitude Reassessment Training
    • Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra Professional Training
    • Wheel of Consent with Betty Martin
    • Embodied Counselling – Institute of Somatic Sexology
    • Emotional Health Professional 

More Of What People Say…

Sylvia is absolutely amazing! The amount of knowledge this woman has within the field of human sexuality is truly outstanding. I am sure, whatever question you may have, she has an answer to it! She has definitely changed my life more than I could ever have imagined and I am 100% sure she can do the same for everyone else. I have moved towards sexual fulfilment in relation to my goals, dreams, desires and curiosities. Highly, highly recommended! Spankingly Mr K

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