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In my work with couples I’m trained to offer a range of specialised perspectives that others may shy away from. 


Most importantly, our focus is on the here and now.


I will ask you, ‘where you are now and where do you want to be?’ We may gently look into your past to see if there is a pattern that is holding you back. 


I might use an approach that helps you connect with your body and get out of your head. I may or may not bring in body-based coaching. I design my sessions drawing from a range of ideas that integrate transformative physical, mental and emotional practices. I look at the whole of you.


Sex and relationships occupy a big part of our lives and we all know when things go wrong, not as expected or live with unresolved concerns – it simply affects every part of your existence.


We talk about the real stuff. The stuff that often gets skipped. Don’t worry though as we will have a laugh or two as well.

What Chris Said – Part 1

``I first saw Sylvia out of desperation. My relationship with my wife was in bad shape and we were no longer having sex. I was not sure what I wanted to do about it but I felt like I had to try something. Within the first few minutes of our meeting, I could sense that Sylvia had an amazing gift of empathy, compassion, and understanding. She could see my problems, even though I couldn't quite make out the shape of my problems my self. As our appointment unfolded, I saw that she had the experience, insight and skills to give me useful practical tools and a sense of hope that all was not lost...

Couples are more complex. This is, most of the time a three item unit – you, your partner and the relationship. 

A shift in relationship dynamics might be necessary before we begin to work on sexuality. 

All successful relationships are built on solid foundations such as honest communication and transparency. In your first consultation, we will break through the barrier of communication and negotiation skills to restore intimacy and closeness.

In our work together you will be supported to take responsibility, stop repeating the same arguments, commit to your success, say yes to yourself and learn to honour your boundaries.

Let the work begin.


  • The honeymoon phase is over – now what?
  • Are you in a sexless marriage/relationship?
  • Not enough time? Too busy, too many chores to be done?
  • Has sex become predictable and routine?
  • Assume your partner’s touch is a prelude to sex?
  • Do you experience challenges/conflicts when communicating about sex, your needs and desires?
  • Can you tell your partner what you want; what you really, really want?
  • Do you avoid communicating about sex altogether?
  • Do you find yourself defaulting to a ‘no’ when you are asked for sex?
  • Are you still attracted to your partner?
  • Do you have orgasm difficulties – not often or satisfying enough, faking it, none at all?
  • Do you ejaculate too early, too late or experience erectile dysfunction?
  • Masturbation works, sex doesn’t?
  • Do you experience sexual difficulties due to age, illness or medication?
  • Do you have little or no interest in sex?
  • Desire discrepancy – one partner’s libido is higher than the other (it’s normal)
  • Would you like more tools to expand your repertoire?
  • Deepening your connection and reignite your sexual passion
  • Broadening your experience of giving and receiving pleasure during sex
  • Learning your way around your partner’s body
  • Exploring how to please your lover and ask for what YOU want
  • Learning about Tantra and the art of full body sensual touch
  • Learning to communicate with compassion about sex
  • Feeling safe to share your desires and curiosities
  • Improving and transforming your body image and self-esteem
  • Distinguishing between intimacy and eroticism
  • Letting go of agendas and expectations

What Chris Said – Part 2

...Sylvia challenged me to think about core issues in my own sexuality and what I wanted from my sexual relationship with my wife. By helping me to confront these issues and think through them, I have been able to better understand myself and my needs; my wife and her needs; and our relationship together.
As a direct result of Sylvia's help, my marriage is now on a positive pathway and my wife and I are exploring and expanding our life together, including our sex life. Sylvia was absolutely key to helping us make that switch for the better.``


I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone call. 

This is to determine if I am the right practitioner for you. Once we have established that my services suit your needs I offer sessions in person, phone or zoom. Phone and zoom are available nationally and internationally. I can also work with you in German and/or Italian.

Is Sex-Coaching for you?

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