I’m Sylvia, a Perth based professional Sex Coach

The question I asked myself in my late twenties was “What are the secrets to keeping a sex life active and interesting, especially in long-term relationships?”

This curiosity led me to explore and study Tantra, Sacred/Conscious Sexuality, Holistic Counselling, Sexology and Sex Coaching. 

Since 2007 I have been working with both singles and couples to enhance and energise their connections, intimacy and sex lives.


How my coaching can help you…

~ Pleasure is your birthright

~ A healthy sex life is essential to happy, long lasting relationships

~ Great sex leads to a better and more productive life

~ All change begins by being authentic and opening a door or a new door

~ Sexual roadblocks and inhibitions can be overcome

~ Your intimate relationship is a place where you let your guard down, you are open to be seen

~ Sexual confidence is a game changer

~ Quality over quantity

~ It is never too late to learn more
~ Moving through difficult emotions is necessary to create deeper intimacy
~ Even as a sexual trauma survivor you can learn to enjoy sex
~ You can fall in love with your partner again
~ Many people haven’t integrated their dark eros
~ One can heal after betrayal/infidelity
~ Consensual non-monogamy, polyamory can work for some
~ Sexual energy can be amplified

Who I Work With…

I work with people of all genders who are seeking to enhance their sexual connection and intimacy, online or in my session room located in Perth’s western suburbs. (12 mins from CBD)


Working with me will help you expand beyond your possible beliefs around the limitations of age, fitness, of looks, of sexual preferences or sexual orientation or sexual trauma. Together, we will address your concerns, move through your challenges and help you become attuned to your unique way of experiencing pleasure and desires so you can create the sex life YOU desire and deserve.


Regardless of your age, fitness, looks, preferences or sexual orientation, you deserve to have love and a great sex life. You are uniquely designed and perfect in your own authentic way. Together, we will address your concerns, move through your challenges, help you become attuned to what your lover wants, understand the art of connection and tailor your sexual repertoire to help you become a skilled and satisfied lover.


A successful relationship is built on solid foundations such as honest communication and transparency. Learn to take responsibility, stop repeating the same arguments, commit to your success, say yes to yourself, learn to honour your boundaries. We will break through the barrier of communication and negotiation skills to restore intimacy and closeness. Let the work begin!


I reached out to Sylvia as a last resort to address concerns I had with ED and PE. I had separated from my partner of 13 years, and the conflict and lack of intimacy from that relationship had left me very nervous about having any sexual intimacy with future partners. I am only 40. PE was a real issue, and one I had discussed with GP's and counsellors previously. None of the advice or guidance I received from them had worked. I changed my diet and lifestyle, but still, nothing changed.

I eventually built up the courage to book a session with Sylvia. I was extremely nervous, but I was made to feel at ease soon after we started talking. We spoke for over an hour and it felt like such a relief to speak so openly and frankly about my situation, and it was reassuring to hear back how 'normal' I actually was. It was the first time I had ever been educated about the connection between sexuality and spirituality. Once I left had still had my doubts, but I was given 'homework' to do and techniques to practice. I booked in for a second session, and eventually a third.

Both the subsequent sessions were once again reassuring and enlightening. Again I was nervous for the first few minutes, but Sylvia has a way of easing those tensions and taking the focus away from it. The reading I was given around how to give sensual touch/ massage has already benefited my private life, and what she taught me opened my mind enormously. I have since started dating again and have had a few sexual encounters.

I certainly don't consider myself a world-class lover, but my anxieties around performance are gone, and intercourse has become longer lasting and feels more connected in a spiritual sense than it ever has before. I can sincerely say I have been 'healed' by the experiences with Sylvia, both mentally and physically. 6 months ago I thought I would never be able to have a proper relationship ever again, but today I write this as a confident, sexually active man. I actually teared up writing that last paragraph. Thanks again.

Let’s Work Together…

Whether you struggle in the bedroom, the dating field, experience a lack of sexual confidence/skills, want to create more passion or have any other sex/relationship concerns, you have come to the right place – I am your person. You will find, it is easier than you think and it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn.

Ready for the ride? Pun intended.

Articles by Sylvia…


In our 3rd session with Sylvia, we learned about ‘touch’. Touch is so much more than one thinks. The intimacy that can be created by non- sexual touch is insane. To be able to learn what touch is enjoyable and not, is a power in our relationship I wish I only knew earlier. To be able to feel safe and to have a voice and to know your partner has no judgement is incredible.

Is Sex-Coaching for you?

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